Toxic Tort

  • Represented a Louisiana landowner in New Orleans state court in the defense of class action litigation involving alleged homeowner exposure to Normally Occurring Radioactive Material (“NORM”) from oil production pipe cleaning.
  • Obtained summary judgment in Bronx County, New York on behalf of acrylic plastic manufacturer in Happy Land Social Club Fire Litigation involving 87 wrongful death claims.
  • Trial of toxic tort case in federal court in Biloxi, Mississippi involving former chemical plant alleging fear of cancer and increased risk of disease claims.
  • Implemented Value Assurance Programs (VAPs) in Ohio and Mississippi to resolve multiple homeowner diminution of property value claims.
  • Resolved through mediation 42 homeowner toxic tort claims alleging toxic air emissions against polymer manufacturer labeled by then Attorney General Richard Blumenthal as “worst polluter in the history of Connecticut.”
  • Defended trash-to-energy agency in mass tort claim arising from suspected release of methane gas from a Connecticut landfill facility which resulted in community evacuation.

Food, Drugs, & Medical Devices

  • Successful defense of New York consumer class litigation involving androstenedione and norandrostenedione supplements (the “Andro” litigation).
  • Coordinated the national defense of products liability cases involving pharmaceutical drug banned by the FDA as an “imminent hazard.”
  • Obtained summary judgment in federal court in Bridgeport, Connecticut in pharmaceutical product liability case alleging that sleep aid triggered depression and attempted murder/suicide.


  • Obtained judgment and declaratory relief in federal district court in Newark, New Jersey on CERCLA and Spill Act environmental cost recovery claims following three-month trial.
  • Successful defense of CERCLA and contractual claims in federal district court in Milwaukee, Wisconsin involving corporate veil piercing.