Bill has experience representing clients in significant cases in a broad range of industries:


  • Agricultural Chemicals: Defends toxic tort litigation involving pesticides in residential and commercial settings and crop damage claims by growers alleging herbicide phytotoxicity or lack of efficacy.
  • Asbestos: Served as national coordinating counsel for a chemical manufacturer in the defense of its premises liability asbestos cases.
  • Industrial Chemicals: Defends toxic tort and products liability cases involving painting products, lead paint, epoxies and resins, polymers, coatings, urethanes, and UV stabilizers, construction and pipe chemicals, and metals.

Pharmaceuticals / Medical Devices

  • Drug and medical device manufacturers in cases involving NSAIDs, anti-seizure, anti-depressant and anti-hypertensive medications and sleep aids.
  • A silicone breast implant supplier
  • A manufacturer of androstenedione and norandrostenedione (“prohormone”) products in a putative class action in New York alleging deceptive trade practices and false advertising.
  • As a former in-house counsel, coordinated the national defense of litigation involved DBI-Phenformin, the first FDA-designated “imminent hazard”; assisted in FDA regulatory compliance training of sales persons; and prepared corporate witnesses for FDA regulatory hearings.

Oil & Gas Industry

  • Represents companies in the defense of property damage, business interruption and stigma claims arising from leaking underground storage tanks and oil pipelines, and personal injury claims arising from alleged chemical exposures and contaminated drinking water.
  • Represents oil and gas companies in mass tort and class action environmental litigation alleging personal injury and nuisance.


  • Represents manufacturers of products used at construction sites and construction contractors in construction litigation as well as purchasers of new homes sold with undisclosed latent construction defects.


  • Represented a major insurer in coverage litigation throughout the United States involving Pollution Legal Liability (PLL) and Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) coverages.
  • Litigated insurance coverage issues involving manufactured gas plants, public utilities and sites undergoing remediation.

Real Estate

  • Experienced in evaluating potential environmental risks and managing environmental liabilities involving brownfields, commercial development, and residential construction. Assists real estate and business lawyers in addressing the three environmental liability questions that arise in every real estate and business transaction:
    • Is there a significant environmental problem?
    • Can we estimate the cost?
    • Can we resolve the problem?